Dig deep people.

My man "Doughboy" is a good guy with a big heart. A good friend, Ricky Chang had a bad spill on the bike while riding street in July. He is paralyzed and has been shacked up in Hot'lanta trying to get better handle on the situation. His medical bills are piling up and his family is going through a lot. Thats where you, me and Doughboy come into play. There will be an impromptu trail jam/jump contest at the 495 trails. He is getting together some really great prizes to dish out and you are gauranteed to have a great time. Entry is only 20 bucks and all the proceeds go to Ricky's family.
Pay it, show up and ride and or hang out. There have been a lot of these benefits over the past few years, and as they touch us all and make us stop and think we do not always muster up the energy to react. This is your time to react, to help and to make a difference in someones life. Ricky is a rider and good person, its the least that we can do.
Thanks to Corey at RideDC for putting a flyer together.
September 7th 11:00
495 trails, don't know where? Email or ask on the RideDC forum.

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