Fastest Freshman

Below is a note from the Kranzels they have been putting together this program for a while now and are trying to push kids into the sport and education.
Just a side note, the picture is the 1948 Princeton Swim Team. I do not vouch nor trust the guy in the center.

Team Kranzel Bike, in conjunction with www.Racersedgeonline.com and the Mid Atlantic Race Series, is happy to announce the return of the Fourth Annual Kranzel Bike / Racers Edge, Daniel J Kranzel Memorial Scholarship. To be awarded to the “Fastest Freshman” rider competing in the Downhill event at the Mid Atlantic Cup Finals being held at the Wisp Resort in McHenry, MD. On September 20TH & 21st 2008

This year’s award will be is open to all new College, Business, or Trade school freshman for the 2009 school year. The rules are simple. Fill out the entry form at registration and be the fastest freshman down the mountain. The award is open to both new freshman men and women. The cash will be split between the fastest man and woman freshman, with the balance of the prizes going to the fastest time. You don’t have to win your race; you just have to be the fastest of all the other worthless, useless, lower than pond scum freshman. Simple enough? Now drop and give me twenty!!!

This year’s award so far consists of a minimum of $200.00 cash, to help pay for your beer, I mean books... Along with a whole assortment of other cool and useful things to use while you spend the next four years avoiding meaningful employment and drinking beer, I mean learning and preparing to save the world. All in all we think once the rest of the donations come in we are looking at a total package worth over $600.00!! All this for riding you bike a millisecond faster than the next guy? Who would have thought?

One thing is I ask you to remember why we do this. Daniel was a beloved Uncle who was the same age as me. He loved riding his Motorcycle his jeep and his Corvette. I can still picture him doing wheelies on his old Schwinn Stingray 5 speed, but most of all Danny liked to fight for the little guy. He was a small in stature but was a tough as a Pit bull. He loved to see the little guy get what he deserved and made a point out of sticking it to the man. We lost Him a few years ago due to complications from Diabetes. All we ask is that you enjoy life, finish school, and if possible give some little guy a helping hand where you can. Any personal Donations to the American Diabetes Association will be appreciated by everyone afflicted.

As an added bonus, this year Kranzel Bike, along with friends and family members, will be donating $1.00 for every rider who registers for this weekend’s race to the American Diabetes Association in the name of all the Mid Atlantic Finals Participants.

Since the inception of this award, Kranzel Bike, and friends and family have
Donated over$4000.00 in cash, prizes and donations to help new college students,
As well as Diabetes research.

Rick, Jake, Jon, and Derek Kranzel
Team Kranzel Bike


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