iPhone meet bike, bike meet iPhone.

A good friend to TractionMag and ambassador of E13, John P. has brough to our attention this great new app for your iPhone.

Lately, I've been trying to find mods to make my all-moutain bike feel more like my DH bike, and dialing in the head angle seems to be a good place to start for me. The problem I've had is getting an accurate measurement of the Headtube Angle without blowing a ton of $$ on a tool I probably won't use that often. Luc posted up a link for a cool looking inclinometer made by Wixey, but those run about $40. On the other hand, you can get a cheap dial-type angle gauge from almost any hardware store, but their accuracy (and clarity) is mediocre at best.

Enter the iPhone (and all of the d-bags like myself who actually like these things). They've got a cool application in the Appstore that has a really slick and very accurate inclinometer that you can download to your phone. Cost? $0.99. Search iTunes for "Clinometer" or check the Top 50 paid Apps - it's currently sitting at #35. You can zero the thing on any surface so that it gives you an accurate measurement even if you're not necessarily sitting on a level surface, and it uses the iPhone's built-in accelerometers.

Keep up the great work John, check out his work and his friends at E13.

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