USA Cycling changes things up.

We have known about this for a few months now. Seems as is they have just released all the details about the change.

For 2009 USA Cycling will be doing away with the current category breakdown and adopting a more "global" system. Beginner, Sport and Expert are to be replaced with Categories 1, 2 and 3.

The "Pro Class" will be absorbing most of the current semi-pro field as they will be given the chance to move up. I imagine that many semi-pros will be downgrading to category 1 in fear of being swallowed whole by the pros.

There are going to be many critics of the new system. what ever USA Cycling seems to do there are critics and naysayers, I am by no mean defending them but I think this will make for a cleaner system. The current system has labels that give a direct connotation to the skill level of the rider that is always true. This generalization of a skill level will give some more credibility to the sport.

Want to read the fine print, click here USA Cycling

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