A thousand words

Rachel schralping the turn?

This time of year is pretty exciting, longer days lead to longer rides and the smell of the BBQ. The World Cup is in full swing and all the East Coast racers are getting into the rhythm of driving and riding. The other perk of this time is that with the welcome of the World Cup Soap Opera are pictures from the guys that cover it. They are a link for many of us to replace the office and cubicle walls with course tape and trees, ecstatic fans and semi-psychotic racers. One of our favorites here at Traction is Gary Perkins. If you don't know his name you know his images. With a panache for composition and an ability to capture speed his photos give us a front row seat to the action. The Maribor gallery is up on "Flippers" site, so check it out and remember if a picture is worth a thousand words he is one of our best writers.

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Anonymous kusa said...

Well not like the from the Guru, but here are mines.


4 pages, 40 photos and i think some of them are cool ;)

See ya in Andorra.

3:53 PM  

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