New pocket burning product from the Otter.

Ricardo here reporting from the Wet Beaver (Sea Otter) race. Just got in yesterday and the weather was a warm welcome. The DH course is looking fast and is very dusty. The pits are full of new products from some of our favorite brands at TractionMag. Just when you thought they had built everything for you to spend your money on, they build some more.

Fox has a new lineup with forks sporting a new naming system (Evolution-Performance-Factory) that will help identify the forks. Entry level forks will be known as "Evolution" (Not a fully formed product, primordial goo), "Performance" (Because thats the shop you will think of when you see these suckers on OEM rides) and "Factory" (which is the best so don't even think about buying the other two.

Rear shocks with Kashima Coated shafts and new SKF Seals. This will include the DHX.

A super slick tapered titanium steerer/crown on a newly badged 32, this must be Factory, not Evolution.

SRAM, who is a sponsoring partner of the Otter also had some newly polished XO parts to show and a chainguide built in collaboration with MRP.

e.thirteen and Hive were showing off some new hubs rocking the E.13 name but some Hive carbon tech. Chris stated that they will be showing off complete wheelsets when Eurobike comes around. The new LG-1TR chainguide looks tizzight. It does away with the bash, dropping weight as well as a bit of protection. All good stuff.

Editors note: Thanks for the updates Ricardo.


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