Pedal the Plug-In.

I am all for alternative forms of transportation. With that being said let me now unravel this gem. Grace make electric bikes, they actually make the first street legal electric bike capable of 45kph or for us lazy Yanks, 30 miles per freakin hour. So for just a mere 8,768.31 USD you too can throw a leg over one of these fine steeds. Think about it...tucked in the aero position shooting in and out of traffic as you roll on your "Super-Moto" tires and your god awful upside down Shiver/Zzyzx/Marz fork. Sweetness comes in German packaging.
So you can shift and pedal an electric bike? Just crack the throttle, why would you want to pedal a possibly hefty hard tail around? Look at that hub! Buy a Rohloff and run it on a decent steel XC hardtail, get your exercise and lose the science.
"I would also like to order a chain-guide with mine, please."


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